Our Mission Statement:

To help people find and follow Jesus Christ.


 Our Core Values

Core 1
In being missional, we desire a church that is multi-cultural,
multi-ethnic, and multi-generational. 
Core 2
Locally and globally, our strategy is to
give of our resources and to send people out.
Core 3
We show this by establishing a culture of
discipleship and relationships.
Core 4
Relevant and Practical Bible Teaching
The Bible is our source for faith,
a standard for our conduct,
still applying to our lives today.
Core 5
Financial Integrity and Generosity
God entrusts resources to us for the purpose
of reinvesting them into our community.
Core 6
Leadership and Servanthood
We are committed to developing each one’s
gifting and abilities.
Core 7
Worship and Prayer
We are committed to establishing God’s presence
as He guides, directs, and empowers us.