Invite Someone

Social media can be such a powerful tool to connect with people. We’ve created a number of shareable graphics to help you let people know you're coming to Easter at Stone Creek Church. You can post them on your own social media accounts, tag people you’d like to invite, send them in personal messages, or use them however you’d like to help spread the word that we want people to find their hope in Jesus. 


#SCCEaster  #SCC  #StoneCreekWired


Click an image to enlarge.
On a phone, press and hold to save.
On a computer, right-click and select “save image” or drag image to your desktop. 


Join me for Easter at Stone Creek Church on Saturday, April 20th, at 6:00pm or visit for more service times! #SCCEaster

Join us this Easter to experience and celebrate the hope we have in Jesus. I will be there at ______, let me know if you want me to save you a seat! #SCCEaster

Making Room + Making People Feel Welcome

We have been preparing for all the guests who will walk through the door this Easter season. You are important in making their experience one where they feel God's love!

Here are a couple things you can do to help make our guests feel welcomed...

  • Simply smile: It goes a long ways

  • Introduce yourself: Simply tell them "It is great to see you here today!"

  • Scoot to the middle of the row when you sit down, making room for guests on the end of the row.

  • If you see someone with little kids, help them find the nursery

Thanks for helping make our Easter experience welcoming!